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As beautiful as writing is, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when you’re doing it alone.

iWrite is a community of young African creatives who are devoted to writing. It’s a safe space where you’re free to express your thoughts, ideas, uncertainties and hopes about writing without judgment, all the while learning more from a bunch of people who can be crazy as well as magical about more than just writing. You get wind of opportunities to explore as soon as they come, and you reserve yourself an automatic fanbase.

It’s the perfect home for a young writer with a heart for writing.

The buzz is iWrite’s biweekly writing prompts. It is handled by the Buzz Worm; it emerges once every two weeks to give the writers in the community a writing prompt.

The prompt for the next two weeks is to write a three-paragraph micro fiction on how a death row character made their way there and to do so using the second person POV.

Hope you enjoy the magic created!

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